Accessory Expertise

To Power Your Profits

Our Mission: To help new car dealers profit from the 41 billion dollar aftermarket opportunity.

Our Difference?

Our People

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13 regional managers throughout the country with a cumulative 200 years of aftermarket experience

Dealership General Manager


12 in dealership CVD Studio/Custom Center Managers

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4 regional warehouses to ensure we can get the right product to you right away

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Our Process

Our process has evolved from working over the decades with thousands of dealers. We will be there to help you grow your business and profits.

We make profiting from aftermarket accessories easy by designing a program that fits your dealership. There is no one plan. We work with you to develop a plan of action that optimizes profits within your dealership’s workflow and procedures. Whether you chose the Dealer Direct, Custom Center, or Design Studio model, we have a framework to implement the right program to fit your dealership.

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This is where are years of expertise shines. Hiring, pay plans, market based pricing, inter-departmental cooperation, training, all go into implementing a plan that is best for your dealership.

Then our experts will be there to execute your individualized partners in profits plan. We will provide ongoing training for your dealership to ensure you have the right product, for the right vehicles, and the right sales approach to be wildly successful. Our people are in the trenches every day and know the best practices to ensure you sell more vehicles and make more money on each personalized vehicle.


We know making a fair profit for your effort is not anything to be ashamed of.

Aftermarket accessories can provide some of the highest return on investment within your dealership if done properly. But you cannot wait for opportunity you have to pro-actively create it. That is why we are here to help you find the missing profit center in your dealership today!