Auto Accessories: Dealer Success Story

Crest Infiniti Cadillac, Frisco, TX On Track To Exceed $1.5 Million In Aftermarket Sales

What a success story! They say everything is bigger in Texas. Case in point, at Crest Infiniti Cadillac in Frisco, their aftermarket sales are tracking to be over $1.5 Million in 2019! How did they achieve this? More importantly, what is holding you back from achieving these kinds of numbers?

Auto Accessories: Dealer Success Story - Crest Infiniti Cadillac, Frisco, TX On Track To Exceed $1.5 Million In Aftermarket Sales

What Makes Crest SO Successful at Selling Auto Accessories?

Auto accessories sales taps into consumers desire to have vehicles personalized to their taste. Using CVD’s Custom Center Model, Crest Infiniti Cadillac has been able to engage their prospects and customers to deliver unique vehicles. Custom Vehicle Design has employed their own Custom Center Manager, Assistant Manager, and two techs to ensure that when clients are looking for their own personalized vehicle, Crest Infiniti Cadillac can deliver.

It starts with a proven CVD profit model to ensure a dealer’s success. Some of the most important pieces are;

  • Merchandising Plan - Knowing how to display the products in the most enticing way for an easy up-sell. This also involves where the vehicles are displayed and how they are viewed by the public - they must look jaw-droppingly gorgeous and visible in high traffic areas.

  • Selling Plan - Having an effective selling process ensures all potential clients are shown their personalization options and that F&I is involved. This makes it easier to add the personalization/custom products easier and roll it into the customers payment. Which actually can save the customer money rather than going elsewhere and financing those parts on a credit card.

  • Pricing, Compensation and Motivation Plan - For success at selling aftermarket auto accessories, the products have to be competitively priced. As a dealership, you already have the advantage of having the customer’s trust. If you can offer a product priced competitively, you’re likely to sell successfully.

    That said, you have to ensure that the fixed and variable departments are all compensated for their success in selling aftermarket parts and auto accessories. It’s a team effort.

    Finally, someone needs to be the coordinating leader to keep all parties engaged and moving towards the common goal of taking care of all of their clients’ needs, selling more auto accessories and making more money for all. We can assist with setting up each of these aspects in your existing business.

  • Training - Knowledge is power! Ongoing sales and product training are essential because the auto accessories industry is constantly evolving. You need to keep everybody knowledgeable on the latest options, the trends, product availability, new products, proper fitments and every area which will help to establish your sales team as an authority when they speak to your customers.

  • Fun - This cannot be underestimated. Let’s face it selling the same silver, black or white vehicle over and over again can get to be a bit of a bore. Having one-off, great looking, unique vehicles get not only clients excited, but it also gets the whole team excited.

    Energy is tangible! A showroom full of kick-ass looking vehicles brings a vibe that can set a dealership apart from the competitors down the road who peddle the same standard vehicles day in and day out. That energy also leads to more enthusiasm from your staff, which leads to more enthusiastic clients, which leads to better auto accessories and vehicle sales, profits and customer retention...And isn’t that what it's all about?

  • Finally, experience matters - Custom Vehicle Design has decades of experience to help dealers be successful in aftermarket sales.

Meet The CVD Team: Barry Rose

Custom Center Manager, Crest Infiniti Cadillac

dealer accessories success story custom vehicle design management

Barry was born and raised in Detroit, MI. He was a Detroit Cop prior to selling aftermarket products at car dealers. In his free time, he served as a reserve officer in Oak Park Michigan for over 20 years.

Barry has worked as a Custom Center Manager at car dealers for over 30 years in Michigan, Ohio, Florida and now Texas. To say he has seen trends come and go is an understatement - he has truly seen it all which is why he’s so skilled at matching clients with their perfect aftermarket auto accessories. But one thing never changes; customers want to personalize their vehicles with auto accessories and car dealers continue to be the best place to get that done.

Barry is married to his lovely bride, Marcy, for over 47 years and in his spare time likes to travel with her and spend time with his children and grandchildren.

Dedicated Custom Vehicle Design leaders like Barry bring value to your business. Right now, the aftermarket accessory industry is like a largely untapped goldmine for car dealers. To spur the success of your own business, you will need a strong team with a genuine passion for customer care and love for vehicles and signature looks.

Ready to Sell Auto Accessories? What Will Your Success Story Look Like

You don’t have to be in Texas to achieve Texas-sized profits in selling aftermarket auto accessories.

This is well within the reach of any vehicle dealership - especially if you have a helping hand to get you started and monitor your success. We understand that through the fray of managing your business and keeping your current operations smooth and successful, it can be difficult to create a whole new process in your existing sales structure.

That's why we’re here to help. Did you know you can start growing your profits today without any risk or initial expense? Reach out to Custom Vehicle Design to get a customized evaluation. We will let you know if a custom center is the right fit for your dealership.

Published Nov 06, 2019