Auto Accessories: Dealer Success Story

Park Place Lexus, Plano, TX

Exceeds over $700,000 in sales in the first year of Custom Vehicle Design Studio

Auto Accessories: Dealer Success Story - Park Place Lexus, Plano, TX

It is often said that there are only two types of people in this world; those who fully accessorize their vehicles and those who purchase the vehicle and drive it home stock standard. Contrary to what most might believe, even the drivers of some of the most prestigious vehicles, like Lexus, want to customize their vehicles with accessories to enhance the functionality, accentuate the aesthetics, and provide heightened convenience. This dealer success story proves it.

Park Place Lexus is a dealership that saw tremendous success with our input. By utilizing our Custom Vehicle Design studio model, they have seen over $700,000 in sales the first year they implemented our services. We supplied an on-site manager to facilitate the sales process, enabling both the fixed and the sales departments to integrate this new aspect into their current processes seamlessly. Learn more about how our program works here.

What makes CVD design studio’s plan different?

  1. We come to you (with our expertise)

    Armed with an in-house team of professionals who have a proven track record, we place one of our experts at your dealership to oversee the transition process. This means you don’t need to hire a new team member or shuffle existing teams in any way. It also means no training costs, time, and supervision to worry about. The aim is for you to continue with business as usual while we integrate this extra revenue stream smoothly – without disrupting business as usual. The result? Aftermarket sales as a whole new department without the risks, overheads, or planning it would normally take to launch something new.

  2. Our track record of success speaks for itself

    With over four decades of experience operating within car dealerships, we have mastered this territory. We understand the market. We know the consumers. We’re familiar with your challenges - however unique they may be. This means we can bring:

    • Unrivaled product knowledge – we can recommend products to consumers that are trending, with proper fitment, taking all of the safety precautions into account to provide 100% satisfaction.

    • In-depth knowledge of the industry also means we are aware of market prices, values, and consumer affordability.

    • Excellent on-site merchandising services. We can establish the perfect mix of pre-loaded and mannequin vehicles to demonstrate the full effects of aesthetically pleasing and highly functional customized vehicles.

    • Staff preparation for their expanded sales roles. We train them in the most engaging way to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of each product. This helps to establish your dealership as an authority in every aspect of vehicle and accessory sales. Each team member is able to put his or her best foot forward with relevant knowledge.

    • Provide a comprehensive selling plan. We work with your dealership to understand your selling system. We integrate the sales of accessories into the process including:

      1. How to present a product
      2. How to work accessories into the deal
      3. F&I
      4. Installation
      5. After-Sales Support

    All of this needs to be coordinated to truly succeed at selling aftermarket accessories

    • Our program frees up your team to do what they do best: selling and taking care of your clients. This enables you to grow your aftermarket sales profitably while taking care of the clients that want to have their vehicles customized.

Meet the team: Jason Gaut
Design Studio Manager - Park Place Lexus, Plano TX

dealer accessories success story custom vehicle design management

Jason is a Texas native and has been in the car business his whole career. He loves vehicles of all sorts. It's his passion. And he brings his passion every day to deliver some of the most spectacular Lexus in the country.

Jason is always delivering results, whether the task at hand is an innovative sales initiative or creative one-of-a-kind vehicles like his recent ORKA edition Lexus. No matter how seemingly difficult the assignment may be, Jason has your back.

dealer accessories success story custom vehicle design

dealer accessories success story custom vehicle design

dealer accessories success story custom vehicle design

dealer accessories success story custom vehicle design

dealer accessories success story custom vehicle design

If you are looking to find a turn-key easy solution to increase your sales and profits through aftermarket accessories, reach out to us for a free, custom consultation on your opportunity at your dealership to grow aftermarket sales.

Published Mar 20, 2020