Your #1 Secret Weapon For Success At New Car Dealers

The Secret Benefits of Car Accessory Sales

Aftermarket accessories are one of the most under-utilized revenue streams. Many existing dealers have not looked at the market opportunity and taken note of the enormous demand for these products. But aftermarket car accessory sales do more for your new vehicle dealership than simply increasing immediate revenue.

Your #1 Secret Weapon For Success At New Car Dealers - The Secret Benefits of Car Accessory Sales

The Secret Benefits of Car Accessory Sales

There's a psychological aspect to this, alongside the fact that it’s an opportunity to extend your brand’s reach further, attracting a wide range of clients for a more sustained time. How? Selling aftermarket accessories for motor vehicles will differentiate your new car dealership from the others.

You are no longer acting as an outlet that bridges the gap between the manufacturer and the buyer.

By displaying your inventory with a variety of sought-after car accessories, you are now viewed by your prospects as a specialist in the automotive industry. You can facilitate a customization process. Your clients have the opportunity to pull out of your dealership in a car that’s completely unique - thanks to a few subtle but powerful add-ons.

New car dealerships that offer vehicle accessories to their buyers also experience an increase in customer retention. Customers learn to trust your brand and associate a dealer-approved aftermarket part with better quality.

Your Secret Weapon is Your New Car Dealership Inventory

The reason marketers add imagery to advertising is simple. People want to interact with an item before they commit to owning it.

For many sellers, this means finding innovative ways to introduce their products to the public. For a vehicle dealership? Easy.

The unique secret weapon new car dealerships have is access to new vehicle inventory. Your product inventory depth is unmatched - you have different colors, trims, specs, and you there’s something to fit every budget. This, combined with a beautiful showroom floor and knowledge of which aftermarket accessories are the highest in demand, will bring a significant revenue stream into your business.

You already have a showroom that’s full of vehicles. Demonstrating how a customer can customize their vehicle on the showroom floor is advertising that is equal to none. It’s proven to be one of the most effective ways to move vehicle accessories fast. Other aftermarket parts retailers, like wheel and tire outlets, do not have the vehicles in their store. They can’t display the vehicles with their aftermarket accessory - giving clients an accurate idea of what their dream accessory will look like once fitted.

Visual Merchandising in Your New Car Dealership

We mentioned previously that any industry involved in sales to the public relies on crisp visuals that demonstrate how a product is used and how it benefits the user. This applies to every industry; food, clothes, sporting goods, hardware, furniture, and of course - your new vehicle dealership too.

The best retailers always have exceptional visual displays because it invokes a sensory response from buyers. Once buyers have interacted with a product, even if it’s visually, they are more likely to purchase it - which makes sense when you consider that 90% of the information the brain receives is visual.

While you may wonder if visual marketing is tricking people into making an impulse buy - statistically, it appears not. In fact, visual marketing results in customers shopping for a longer time, purchasing more items, and returning more frequently. You can see this in action in your own new car dealership, but there are also existing examples. When clothing stores display a mannequin wearing trendy outfits. In the vehicle industry, it’s a car on the showroom floor customized with aftermarket accessories.

Why is Visual Merchandising so Powerful?

Visual merchandising works because people are visually stimulated. It is hard-wired in humans to emotionally evaluate based on appearances. If someone is visually attracted to something they will have an innate emotional desire to have it. This has been proven in study after study.

Humans purchase on emotion and then rationalize their decisions based on technical information that helps them justify the purchase.

Let’s face it, if we purchased only on rationale reasoning we would all be driving vehicles that came at the lowest cost of ownership. But when was the last time you sold a vehicle based on the cost of ownership?

Over and over, research shows the primary reason people buy vehicles is because of their appearance. Design is the ultimate desirable differentiator. This means you’re not only going to sell aftermarket accessories, but you’re also more likely to sell the vehicle. That’s more than the clothing industry can say of their mannequins.

So, How Can Your New Car Dealership Take Advantage of This?

  • Display the accessories in action, fitted onto a vehicle in your new car dealership. If the items are displayed on a shelf, it’s like having an undressed mannequin with the clothes neatly hanging next to it - you can’t get a visual idea of what you’re purchasing. Always display accessories on the vehicle.

  • Make sure the display in your new car dealership lends itself to the selling points of the products. For example, a Ford dealership should have tough looking, lifted trucks. A Jeep, on the other hand, should be displayed at the pinnacle of ‘action’, slanted to demonstrate its 4x4 capabilities with raised suspension. A luxury vehicle? Blacked out windows and slick, sophisticated wheels.

  • For the best results, accessorize half of the vehicles in your showroom. Seeing the difference between a customized vehicle and a standard one will sell both the vehicle and the accessories - faster than you can say, ‘Porsche’. Also, choose your display area carefully. This is a competitive differentiation advantage versus other dealers and other aftermarket retailers in your market. You want to display the unique selling points that make new car dealership a better choice.

Our most successful dealers are pre-mounting 5% to 10% of their new vehicle inventory with aftermarket accessories. Imagine all of the creative ways you can differentiate your inventory if 10% of the inventory was visually merchandised with the latest and greatest aftermarket accessories.

Start it up!

Aftermarket accessories in a new car dealership can introduce a concurrent revenue stream alongside your vehicle sales. The two different product lines will naturally fuel each other. Fully utilizing the distinct advantages you have on hand will see your profits climb to success at a far greater pace than your competitors.

Custom Vehicle Design can work with you on a plan to take your visual merchandising and aftermarket sales to a whole new level.

Published Dec 02, 2019