CVD Design Studio

Turnkey Profit Growing Solution

Our program to maximize aftermarket at no additional expense or risk


We opened our first Design Studio at a new car dealer in 1964. Since then we have worked in over 100 dealerships with our design studio model to help new car dealers increase their aftermarket sales and profits.

CVD Design Studios operate as a turnkey aftermarket department for new car dealerships. Custom Vehicle Design provide personnel, inventory, merchandising, and training as only part of our cooperative partnership.


  • Proven business model to increase sales and profits that has worked at over 100 new car dealers for over 50 years.
  • State of the art equipment available at no cost to the dealership.
  • Our ongoing commitment to support the dealership to grow aftermarket sales and profits!
  • On-site design studio Manager and technician. Hired, trained, supervised and fully compensated by Custom Vehicle Design.
  • The right aftermarket experience, and parts, and precision installation at no expense until the vehicle sells.
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Dealership Benefits

  • Accessory department with $0 investment from the dealer.
  • design studio Manager that specialize in maximizing Dealer profits.
  • Sales and Service training designed to increase opportunity.
  • Reduced headcount costs with provided CVD Accessory Expert.
  • Manager committed to support all profit centers within the dealership.
  • Supplemental income for dealership employees; retain talent.

Sales Benefits

  • Additional gross profit.
  • Co-branded and customized marketing materials.
  • Increased client satisfaction and retention.
  • On-site expert to increase accessory sales.
  • Competitive, differentiated advantage over the local competitors.

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Fixed Ops Benefits

  • No capital investment for inventory.
  • Eliminates product obsolescence.
  • Ability to meet manufacturer quotas with fixed ops programs.
  • CVD supplied state of the art equipment at zero costs.
  • Increased upsell and service opportunities.
  • Seamless process that integrates well in all service operations.