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Expand Your Customer Relationship with Aftermarket Accessories

Partner with us to increase your sales and owner retention through vehicle personalization.

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The size of the aftermarket business in 2017


% of aftermarket accessory new car dealers capture


of Accessories are purchased within the first 120 days of ownership


Do you want to create a new profit opportunity? Would increasing aftermarket sales and customer loyalty be beneficial to your dealership?

Is your list of things you are responsible for never ending? Are looking for an easy to manage solution?

CVD Design Studios facilitate a tailor designed aftermarket department for new car dealerships. Custom Vehicle Design will hire and manage an on-site aftermarket accessory manager that will actively promote an aftermarket department for your dealership. We bring the expertise and coordination to your dealership for increased sales, profits, client satisfaction and retention.

What CVD Provides For You

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Proven business model to increase sales and profits.

Vehicle Accessories

On-site Design Studio Manager. Hired, trained and supervised by Custom Vehicle Design. Dealer pays a scaled monthly stipend based on accessory sales. The more you sell the less you pay.

vehicle sales manager

Our ongoing commitment to support the dealership to grow aftermarket sales and profits!


Accessory Program

Dealership Benefits

  • Design Studio Manager.
  • Specializes in maximizing Dealer profits.
  • Sales and Service training Designed to increase opportunity.
  • Reduced headcount costs.
  • Reduced supervision.
  • Manager committed to support All profit centers within the Dealership.

Sales Benefits

  • Additional gross profit.
  • Co-branded and customized marketing materials.
  • Increased client satisfaction and retention.
  • On-site expert to increase accessory sales.
  • Competitive, differentiated advantage over the local competitors.

Accessory Program
Accessory Program

Fixed Ops Benefits

  • Service revenue from accessory installation.
  • Ability to meet manufacturer quotas with fixed ops programs.
  • Increased upsell and service opportunities.
  • Seamless process that integrates well in all service operations.